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Acupressure Mat


Effectively target deep tissue stress and melt away muscle tension with the world’s best acupressure mat. Rediscover deep sleep, relieve aches and pains, and relax tense muscles.

If you’re new to Shakti then Level 1 is the best place to start. Effectively target deep tissue and restore the body in the same way deep tissue massage would. Level 1 is the perfect balance of challenge and reward. This Mat is a good allrounder - it offers a strong and therapeutic acupressure experience and most people will find this level challenging and rewarding.

If you've built up a regular Shakti practice or you’re a first-timer seeking an intense challenge - we recommend trying Level 2. This is a more intense pressure experience that will take a few sessions to adjust. Well worth the reward if you’re ready to take the next step on your Shakti journey.

Made with plant-based Blissfoam for a new level of luxury. 

74cm Length | 40cm Width | 2cm Height

The most common way to Shakti is in bed before sleep. It’s easy to add to your bedtime ritual, whether that’s with a book or your favourite show. Just 20 minutes, lying down, under your blankets is all it takes to get started!

We’re going to be honest, lying on sharp spikes can be a little intense at first, but your body is going to love you for it.

First, you will experience a prickly discomfort that is tempting to resist. Once you push through, the sensations melt into a tingly warmth, known as the addictive “Shakti burn”. After 20 minutes it’s time for the real reward—the full-body sensation kicks in, tension washes away and you’re ready for deep sleep.